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Over the last 20 years, s.d.a. ltd have worked on a diverse range of project types and scales. We have produced large scale new build public housing projects to small one-off retail outlets. Our main body of work and reputation has been based on the relatively large number of music venues, restaurants and bar projects which we have undertaken in both the U.K. and abroad. Although we continue to operate in this field; over the past 5 years we have also worked extensively on new build + remodeling residential projects.s.d.a. ltd always work in a proactive manner, seeking out future statutory amendments + anticipating their impact on our projects and clients business’s. We also focus on designing environmentally responsible architecture, producing beautiful design solutions whereby long term ecological ‘sustainability’ is the integral driving force rather than a ‘bolt on’ afterthought.Whilst pre-occupying ourselves with architectural and interior design in the broadest sense - as a consequence of working mainly with existing buildings, (many of them listed) - we have developed a methodology based on a concept of “resuscitation”. This refers to a practice whereby a building which may have become programatically, commercially, culturally or socially obsolete can be given a new lease of life as a consequence of contemporary architectural intervention.

We believe the concept of strategic resuscitation is also relevant to the design and construction of new works of architecture, whether within an urban, suburban or rural context, whereby there is a presumption in favor of a broad environmental collective responsibility.

The following poem by John Cage probably best sums up the collective attitude of Stephen Donald Associates Ltd. towards Architecture, its wider commercial purpose and cultural relevance in the 21st Century…